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Sensec has intensified its pursuit of acquisitions

October 8, 2018
Michael Petterson, Sensec Holding

Interview with CEO Michael Pettersson for Sensec. "We're going to grow," says Michael, speaking with his team now and a number of acquisition candidates, some of which are highly intriguing

We discuss the listing change, his view of the course and how the business was affected by the sale of their subsidiary to Medirätt this summer. We also get exclusive insights into their exciting business, how to protect the Pope during state visits and what airport security actually sees when you walk through the body scanner

The company

Sensec is a security company that was founded back in 1982. It has annual sales of around SEK 90 million and 35 employees

The product

Sensec sells, installs and provides consulting and training in the field of security and security equipment including x-ray equipment, metal detectors, narcotics and explosives detectors, radiation detectors, electronic surveillance, personal and security alarms and surveillance camera equipment. Other products include security checks at entrances and exits, bag checks, vehicle and equipment checks and checks of inbound post and packages


Customers are divided into 10 different segments, and clients include airports, nuclear power plants, prisons, court buildings, and government and parliamentary buildings. Sensec is responsible for security at events including the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, and protects buildings and people on occasions such as state visits

The potential

Sensec sees significant potential internationally and is fully focused on expanding into other countries, first and foremost in the Nordic region

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